Admitting to Struggles with Food

Something super nice happened today that I appreciated so much, I had to blog about it. But as I began to write, it turned into a whole other thing. You see, something happened today that meant so much to me– I actually had to think about WHY it meant so much to me. You see, … Continue reading

I’m Now a Health Coach!

Early on, I realized I really did have a passion with helping others reach their own health goals. Simply encouraging my husband to eat more veggies and workout wasn’t enough. I wanted to lead healthy walking breaks with coworkers, I wanted to talk nutrition with a struggling friend, and I wanted to invite anyone I … Continue reading

Oy, I pulled my Shakira Muscle

…At least that’s what I’m calling it. I have successfully completed my fourth Zumba class and was even told by a regular that she couldn’t believe how fast I caught on and that I was a natural. TOTALLY made my day. But man, I have to tell you. After two weeks, I was starting to … Continue reading

Protein Powder Cookies

I can’t take credit for this recipe but those who follow my Instagram page were asking about those yummy protein powder cookies I posted a while back. I had first seen the recipe on the TV show Extreme Weight Loss when the trainer, Chris Powell, had his wife make an appearance where she made these … Continue reading

Well, That Escalated Quickly

I recently discovered an interesting guy on the Internet who accomplished a very noble task. A personal trainer/health guru decided he wanted to know what obese people deal with day-to-day and how difficult it is for them to lose the weight. So for a year, he dedicated his life to going form fit to fat … Continue reading

The Day I Fell In Love with Zumba

I didn’t know it would happen as quickly as it did. Heck, I didn’t even know it would happen at all. But it hit me. Oh, boy did it hit me faster than a middle aged woman shakes her groove thang during a Zumba class at our local wellness center. (And that’s actually faster than … Continue reading