Why I LOVE MyFitnessPal

When the Hubs and I decided to start our New Year off right, we went full force ahead toward making healthy choices one by one and slowly. At first he even logged his food! But soon, he realized it wasn’t for him so I was logging by myself. That’s when I turned to MyFitnessPal.com.¬† Both … Continue reading

Our Epic Juicing Adventure Begins

We finally brought our baby home. At least, that’s how it felt when we finally plugged in our juicer which we bought, used, off of a classified ad at work. We swung by the grocery store to pick up our first bunch of juicing produce so we could start our adventure, but boy…we didn’t expect … Continue reading

The Neighbors Downstairs Think We’re Nuts

Hubs and I live in a duplex with some neighbors below us. We’ve met a few times, waved, and they even invited us downstairs once but we were about to go to bed. We’re on different schedules apparently. But, I also think that they think we’re on different planets. That’s right. I’m pretty sure they … Continue reading