What Does 30lbs of Fat Look Like?

Remember earlier this year when I went to a health fair and got to take a picture with a model of fat that represented how much weight I had lost at that point? To refresh your memory… Well imagine THREE of those babies NOW because after slowly inching my way there, I finally hit the … Continue reading

Transformation Thursday!

I know I’m not one to do throwback Thursday that often (heck my one attempt here was a bit terrifying), but I thought maybe we should take a different spin on it. Why not instead of focusing on the past, we glance at it only to celebrate the future? I bring you— TRANSFORMATION THURSDAY! (And … Continue reading

A Happy Hand Full of Fat

I never thought I’d be so happy to hold a disgusting piece of fat. But look at it. In that moment, it was the most glorious, beautiful thing I have ever seen. You may think I’m crazy– and your assessment probably wouldn’t be completely wrong– but if you were me, I think you’d feel the … Continue reading