Healthy Spinach Chicken Enchiladas

The other day I really wanted to experiment with Chicken Enchiladas. I hadn’t made them in a VERY long time and honestly, lost my recipe. I did remember a few key ingredients and then figured out how to make them extra healthy with TONS of vegetables. They were AWESOME. Like seriously, you could barely tell … Continue reading

Greatest New Youtube Series: Mind Over Munch

Okay, you may think I’m biased here, but I promise you I’m not. It just HAPPENS that an old high school buddy/the president of our high school’s drama club my senior year started probably the coolest health-meets-cooking online show I’ve ever seen. I’m so excited to introduce you to Mind Over Munch— which is also … Continue reading

Healthy Ham, Broccoli, Cheese Quiche

My epic week of cooking the leftover ham finally paid off with something awesome and delicious. This healthy quiche was so good! I got to have some last week while the Hubs was off on a business trip, but I’m excited for him to get to taste it tonight. I paired it with a balsamic … Continue reading

Steamed Asian Veggie Dumplings

I love Asian steamed dumplings. They’re like my new favorite food. In fact, when I go to Chinese restaurants, I’m almost happier ordering an appetizer of dumplings with some steamed vegetables on the side and call it a meal. They are THAT good. Typically, dumplings are pork, which I don’t typically cook with. When I … Continue reading

Turkey Sausage, Spinach, Potato Hash

Last week, I had a gluten free friend and her boyfriend over for dinner, so I made marsala chicken with some red potatoes and broccoli. However, when purchasing the potatoes, my frugal-minded husband decided to opt for the 5lb bag. Great. I thought. What are we going to do with 5lbs of potatoes? I never really … Continue reading