I was Featured on WomensHealthMag.com

Check it out! I’m only quoted once in an article on Women’s Health magazine’s website (my favorite magazine). I’m pretty stoked about it. And they linked back here! So if you’re a new visitor, welcome to Mrs. Healthy Ever After! I’m a little behind on the health tips (I just got back from a disaster … Continue reading

And I emerge from my author cave…

Hello everyone! I’ve missed you so. What a busy start to the year. For REAL. The truth is, after coming back from my grandfather’s funeral, I still was very very sad and well, I find it hard to be my healthy self when I’m sad. Plus, like I alluded to before, I got some frustrating … Continue reading

Acknowledging the Good of 2013

After posting the random WordPress report on how awesome my readers were yesterday, I decided that the best way to come back to the blogosphere before I travel back to Florida for my grandfather’s Memorial this week is to look back on my own year and my own personal changes/accomplishments. Sure, I know New Years … Continue reading

Jarred Greek Salad To-Go

While visiting my family, my mom gave me a great magazine she happened to not want anymore. It was a seasonal healthy recipe magazine by Better Homes and Gardens and let me tell you– I dogeared nearly all the pages. Well, inside was a two page spread diagramming how to make a mason jar salad. … Continue reading

Baring it All: My REAL Before Photo

We have a lot of fun on my blog. We laugh, we cook, and sure we get serious sometimes when it comes to health and often the emotional baggage that comes with it. But if I’m being honest here– I like to dance my way through life, put on a smile while chanting “WHOOO! Look … Continue reading