The Writing on the Wall

Yesterday, I FINALLy started hanging up some of our photos. When we first moved in, I was quick to hang up the art I had bought from a garage sale a friend’s mom was having. I know they’re simple, but I felt like they made a huge difference on that big wall. But it wasn’t enough. It was time to get hammering.

Our living room. Hubs is play Xbox.

Our living room with the three matching pieces of art

My mom had given us a framed copy of our invitation, which was also drawn by my maid of honor– so it’s EXTRA special. I had hung it by the door with our unity chord (which we braided in lieu of the traditional unity candle or sand to remind us that God is woven into our marriage). But I wanted something else to go with it.

Well, now that I have my wedding pictures, I finally got to make prints! At first I thought a picture of us holding the unity chord would be appropriate, but while I love the photos of the two of us– I’m not one to have my house covered in pictures of me. So, we did family pictures. The one on top is us with my parents, brother and both sets of grandparents. The one on the bottom is us, his father and all the relatives that came from his side of the family.


This is right next to our front door so we can look at our unity chord each day as we leave. Since my iPhone takes crappy pictures, here’s the pictures for you to check out.

0375060586004 0375060585004

Good looking families, eh? (And for family who is reading this! Don’t worry! I have copies of different photos for everyone and am mailing them out after this weekend (hopefully!) I’ve been trying to write heartfelt letters in all of them but didn’t want those who were last to get letters to be like “Why did so-and-so get their photos first” so I’ve been holding them all hostage. But they will be there soon! Thanks for your grace and patience!)

Then I went on to finally fill a frame that has always been a great laughing point in our house when we have guests over. Our lovely cousin Tonia gave us a beautiful frame that says “The Rings, The Couple, The Kiss” on it. However, I’ve kept the model pictures in the frame until last night. Without fail, whoever came to our house would see those photos and be like “You look so skinny in your wedding dress, NikkI!” or “Addison used to have long hair?”

No. Just no. Besides, if I really ballooned out from a size 0 model to what I am today in a short 8 months, I’m pretty sure (or at least I’d hope) SOMEONE would talk to me about my habits because I’m obviously doing something wrong.

Anywho, I finally FINALLY filled the frames. Addison said he was sad to see the models go. They really had become part of the family.


Yes, right now it’s on top of our heater. Not going to lie though, I feel pretty vain having a picture of my rings framed. We don’t have a picture of our hands together with our wedding bands on (actually, we only had about 2 minutes of posed pictures of us together because our wedding day schedule was so tight), but my photographer took some staged pictures of our rings before the ceremony so I figured it fit the frame. She really did make that puppy sparkle in the photo though! This frame is really cute. I know we’ll keep it for years to come.

And also, our same awesome cousin Tonia gave us a great present for Christmas. She had found an old portrait of Addison’s mother. It REALLy meant a lot to him when she gave it to him. We had been discussing where to put the picture for some time and I finally put it up in a great space last night while he was on the phone with his dad. He originally suggested the kitchen, which I immediately vetoed. Not only is there literally no space in our kitchen (it’s basically a glorified closet that can catch on fire), but no one would be able to see the portrait— especially Addison who doesn’t cook. That and I joked with him that…well… she was a fantastic cook. Her staring at me while I cook everyday would make me feel the pressure for sure. So the kitchen was out.

We ended up putting it on the wall next to the coat closet that faces the living room wall with the three art canvases. It’s a perfect spot. She can look over Addison while he sits on our couch and he can see her everyday as he passes the wall to walk toward our bedroom.

But if we ever wanted to walk around naked in our living room, it’s officially out. With my grandparents and his mom now on the wall looking at us, that desire will never ever arise. Ever.


I think I want to add more to that space, but I’m not sure exactly what. I’m thinking maybe an inspiring Bible verse or phrase— maybe something with humming birds (she loved humming birds). We discussed putting up another photo, but I don’t want my house to be filled with wedding pictures and that’s all really have right now. But that’s what albums are for. Actually, there’s one picture I was thinking may be perfect to frame for right there, but I don’t have a copy. I saw it last May when I visited his hometown, so if any of Addison’s relatives are reading this, could you help me track down the picture of him as a toddler in a field with his mother? I think they may have been blowing those wishing flowers. It’s a beautiful picture that was used in the service slideshow. I’d really appreciate a copy!

Then of course there’s my kitchen, which has no space at all, especially because Addison built me that beautiful Ikea hutch. But there is a small piece of wall space that he had hung up my Fat Chef clock he bought me for my birthday last year. If you didn’t know already, I’m VERY obsessed with Fat Chef decor. I have a Fat Chef cookie jar that I painted when I was 17, I have Fat Chef oven mitts and dish towels….I’m weird I know. Well, when I was walking around with a friend at a store two weekends ago, I ran into a whole Fat Chef display. In it was a very beautiful piece of wall art that wasn’t too big and I KNEW it would be perfect for my kitchen wall. Check it out!


It’s a recipe for love!!! I thought it was adorable. Addison laughed when he saw it at first, especially when he read the last line. He was like, “Really? Only 3/4 cup of patience?”

Hahaha…thanks, honey. I love you too.

So that’s the minor sprucing up I’ve done in my home. For some reason, filling my home with photos makes me feel like it’s more of a home and we’re more of a family. I can’t wait to make even more memories and fill our walls with snap shots of the years to come!

2 thoughts on “The Writing on the Wall

  1. maybe above his mom’s picture, you can do one of those phrases with decals that you rub on to the wall that they sell on Etsy? We have one above our bed, it’s nice because it’s sentimental but it’s not a picture of you so you don’t feel like you’re everywhere!

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