“Now it’s about us”

I can’t believe I’m moving back to NC to help Hubs with our new house in a week! We have a lot of decisions to make.

I know we’re not technically married yet, but as the day gets closer and as I’m preparing to leave my job next week to make the big move back up the mountain in NC to reunite with Hubs, we’ve had to make a LOT of decisions. Today, it really hit me how our decisions now affect both of us and how our process making those decisions was changing.

I’m not going to lie. At one point I was nervous.

But honestly, in less than a minute, all my worries were put to ease ,and I had that moment of sheer, “Wow. I’m marrying a good man.”

You see, the Hubs was given an opportunity he was really excited about. I can’t honestly say I was too thrilled. But he asked me what I thought, stated his case, and it didn’t seem so bad. Plus he really wanted to. He also promised if it didn’t work out, he’d quit in a heartbeat. Well, today the opportunity got even better. I was at work when he IMed me to tell me that someone was going to call him about it in a couple minutes and he wanted to know if he could say, “Yes.” The Hubs gave me a call and we talked about all the pros and cons and he again promised that at the first signs of it not working out, he’d back down. Sounds good to me.

Then it hit me: He took the time to ask me what I thought and felt about it and even made some changes based on what I said.

With only a few moments to spare before having to go back to work, I just had to say it, “Thank you so much for even asking me before saying yes.”

Hubs paused, “Well of course I’d ask you, babe. It’s not just about me. Now it’s about us.”

I don’t know about you, but I swear I am marrying a man that’s ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND times hotter than Channing Tatum. Sure, some may scoff and say it won’t last that way. But why shouldn’t it last? For now, I’ll just thank him every time he takes me into consideration like this and also remember to consider him about decisions too.

After all, maybe it’s taking these moments for granted that causes those other older couples to scoff. A little consideration and appreciation can go a long way. Just saying.


One thought on ““Now it’s about us”

  1. You go girl!! I am unemployed, too… But not for long… We have a lot of {Nerve Wrecking @ times} plans in the works, and a few other details….. I wish you both the BEST in life! Remember the little things in life!! Smiling is free! ❤ ~Volpe Life

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