Debt + Budgets = Snowballs

It may be “spring” elsewhere in the world, but Boone definitely did not get the memo. This is what it’s been like for us the past couple of days. And yes, this picture and the video below were taken from this week. And yes, that dude in the video is wearing shorts in the snow. … Continue reading

Coolest Kid On The Block

With childhood obesity still making headlines and launching campaigns through the government and even through popular TV shows like The Biggest Loser, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the doomed nature that seems to loom over the childhood culture of our nation. But then there’s sometimes a bright spot to remind us that not all is … Continue reading

Cheap Isn’t Always Healthy (More budget tips!)

Oh what a conundrum. It’s the sad truth but unfortunately….cheap food isn’t always healthy and healthy food isn’t always cheap. Hubs and I ran into this issue this week when on Tuesday we got a free dinner at Golden Corral because of his secret shopper job (free dinner=awesome. Open buffet=bad for us) and then on Wednesday … Continue reading