Our Epic Juicing Adventure Begins

We finally brought our baby home. At least, that’s how it felt when we finally plugged in our juicer which we bought, used, off of a classified ad at work. We swung by the grocery store to pick up our first bunch of juicing produce so we could start our adventure, but boy…we didn’t expect … Continue reading

Cheap Isn’t Always Healthy (More budget tips!)

Oh what a┬áconundrum. It’s the sad truth but unfortunately….cheap food isn’t always healthy and healthy food isn’t always cheap. Hubs and I ran into this issue this week when on Tuesday we got a free dinner at Golden Corral because of his secret shopper job (free dinner=awesome. Open buffet=bad for us) and then on Wednesday … Continue reading

“Killing myself with a fork”

I’ve been catching up on some episodes from one of my favorite– most inspiring shows– on Hulu. It’s called “Extreme Makeover: Weight loss Edition.” It’s about morbidly obese people taking an entire year to lose half their body fat. It’s incredible and inspiring and I end up bawling like a little baby each time I … Continue reading