10 Ways Living Healthy Can Make You Happier

It’s something I’ve heard since the time I was probably a preteen (if not younger): “Well, life is short. I’d rather die happy.” And honestly, it makes sense. Why live miserably? Shouldn’t life be happy? But probably 99% of the time, this statement is said in the context of food. And that’s where the confusion … Continue reading

Debt + Budgets = Snowballs

It may be “spring” elsewhere in the world, but Boone definitely did not get the memo. This is what it’s been like for us the past couple of days. And yes, this picture and the video below were taken from this week. And yes, that dude in the video is wearing shorts in the snow. … Continue reading

Oh What a Feeling

So like I mentioned before, February was a bust for us. And in the midst of our illness-induced terrible eating and lack of exercise, I, of course, became a complainy, self-depricating whiner. You know the drill: “Man, I feel so fat!” or “Why don’t my clothes fit me better?”  WHAAA WHAAA WHAAA. Everybody’s list is different. I mean…it … Continue reading