I am IN LOVE with My FitBit One

When my parents surprised me with some extra cash on my birthday, I knew exactly what I wanted to buy. I had been drooling over fitness monitors forever. Every time I watched one of those fitness shows like Biggest Loser, I was always curious about the monitors they wore, but figured I’d never be able … Continue reading

Coolest Kid On The Block

With childhood obesity still making headlines and launching campaigns through the government and even through popular TV shows like The Biggest Loser, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the doomed nature that seems to loom over the childhood culture of our nation. But then there’s sometimes a bright spot to remind us that not all is … Continue reading

6 DUMB Excuses NOT to Get Healthy

We all have made an excuse at some point or another in our life (chance are, we’ve made MULTIPLE ones). Often times, they are said to other people to avoid disappointing them, to ask for pity for ourselves, or because we’re too ashamed to own up to whatever it is that we fell short of. … Continue reading